GTCC Issues List - As Of 2018-05-09

The next GTCC General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 at the Cockeysville Library Meeting Room at 07:00 PM

GTCC continually works on issues related to the Greater Timonium area. Click on the links below to learn more. The "Issues List" was created as a summary with the status of important topics that we are working on. Additioanlly, it is intended to keep all our members and goverment officials informed and up to date on these important matters.

Current Issues

Old Padonia Road: Hospitality giant Marriott plans to build a hotel at the end of Old Padonia Road, in close proximity to the Hampton Inn & Suites.

Crematorium at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens: Previously, the Memorial Gardens owner received approval to build a pet crematorium at the site. In December 2017, the owner also received permission to construct a separate human crematorium. The plans show two separate crematoria buildings in a location on the eastern end of the property, near the adjoining golf course. According to the experts at the hearing, cremation is a growing trend in this industry, and in addition to the land use issue, the owners will have to comply with various State regulations concerning cremtoriums. ( GTCC & Springlake C.A.)

Former Chestnut Ridge Golf Club: The owner of the property, CR Golf, LLC, has requested to construct 8 homes on the site, one less than the maximum allowed under the current zoning. Community Input Meetings were held in October, and the next step will be for the consulting engineer to modify the plans to account for the County’s review comments. A development plan hearing has yet to be scheduled. The Falls Road Community Association remains very concerned about this proposal and its impact on the environment. In May, the Administrative Law Judge ruled in favor of the 8 lot subdivision. Additionally, October 2014 the County Board of Appeals ruled that the County Council was within its right to downzone the property so that only 8 dwellings could be constructed. CR Golf, LLC then brought a suit against the County Council over the loss of density compared to the prior zoning. Councilwoman Almond advised us at a recent GTCC meeting that she had hoped that the developer and the surrounding community would be able to reach a compromise on the number of houses to be built on the property, but such a compromise could not be achieved. Ultimately, the County Council changed the zoning to allow for forty homes on the property. The Falls Road Community Association has expressed disappointment with this change. The owner is currently processing its development plan for Baltimore County approval, and the hearing to approve an additional 31- home development took place on December 15, 2017. In February 2018 the Administrative Law Judge approved the plan for the additional development.

Sage Dining, 1402, 1406 & 1408 York Road: Sage Dining, a company that supplies food services and dining to a number of private schools and universities in the Mid-Atlantic region, plans to construct a display garden/farm on a one acre site on York Road, just south of Westbury Road. The farm will be used to promote Sage’s farm to table approach in food services to existing and proposed clients. Sage has shared their plans with GTCC and the Orchard Hills Community Assn. A zoning hearing took place in December 2017, and the Administrative Law Judge approved the display garden.

Church of the Nativity, Sanctuary Expansion: The expansion would feature a new 1,000 seat sanctuary to be added to the southwest side of the existing building. Architectural plans have been prepared, and the construction is approved by County officials. ( GTCC & adjoining communities)

10650 York Road: Bill Kidd proposes to construct a Volvo dealership at this site, the Cockeysville Car Wash . Residents have opposed this development at the County Board of Appeals, and residents have also decried legislation authored by the former councilman that created the possibility of the dealership in the first place. Should this project be given the green light, it would mark the first current car dealership north of Warren Road on York Road. The Circuit Court of Baltimore County ruled in favor of the dealership in early May. This property was rezoned as part of the 2016 CZMP vote.

9805 York Road: The existing structures on this property will be demolished and a new retail building will be constructed. An Administrative Law Judge issued certain variances that will pave the way for building the retail building.

CZMP, 2016: The County Council voted on all requested zoning changes on August 30, 2016. The GTCC website will post the outcome of all requested changes, which are too numerous to be listed in this overview.

Medical Cannabis Facility: Curio Wellness, a company that received one of the State licenses to grow and process medical cannabis, announced that it will locate a growing facility at 5 Aylesbury Road, the site of a former Pall Filtration plant. County zoning regulations allow for such growth and processing facilities to be located on land zoned for light manufacturing, such as this site. In September, several principals of Curio Wellness met with members of the adjacent residential communities. Among the topics discussed at the meeting were security, the operational aspects of the business and the timeline for starting. Expect this facility to be operational towards the end of 2017. Recently, they did receive approval from the State to operate a dispensary. State law allows two dispensaries within each legislative district. The operators of the facility indicated that they are currently exploring options along York Road to house the dispensary, as well as other strategies for interacting with consumers at other locations, but they do not forsee the Aylesbury Road facility as being the location of a dispensary. As of late August 2107, the plant is operational and the growing of medical cannabis has commenced. In November, Curio announced that it will locate the dispensary at 2060 York Road.

11317 York Road: The owner of the shopping center at the southeast corner of York and Shawan Roads is requesting zoning approval to construct additional parking in a resource conservation zone, as well as building setback variances and other variances concerning the parking lot addition. The hearing will take place on April 10. In the decision, the Administrative Law Judge allowed 36 parking spaces in the resource conservation zone, allowed a building setback of 0.75 feet, in lieu of the required 25 feet and other variances related to the parking. The owner plans to construct a two-story office building that will serve as the regional headquarters of Kimco Realty. Ground breaking may take place over the summer.

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On Going Issues

Texas Station: Jacoby Properties sold property to Peter Angelos. Zoning changed in 2004 Comprehensive Zoning Cycle from ML-IM to BM (Business Major). GTCC continues to monitor this property. (E. Rockel, F. Regan, GTCC Executive Committee.)

Galloway Avenue and Texas Station: Recently the Development Review Committee postponed consideration of a decision to allow two-way traffic at the entrance from Galloway Avenue into Texas Station. Both GTCC and the County Home Park association questioned two-way traffic in light of the original development plan restrictions on the site. Before any change takes place, an assessment of the York Road and Galloway Avenue intersection should take place. (E. Rockel)

The Preserve at FallowFields: This 16+ acre parcel next to the York Manor subdivision, near Margate Road, currently contains two dwellings and a developer proposes fourteen other single family homes in the $750K to $1 million range. A community input meeting was held in August, and before the proposal can move forward, a development hearing will need to take place. At that hearing in late June, the Administrative Law Judge approved the development. (GTCC)

Aylesbury Road: A revised development proposal has been presented by a new development team, Fore Development Company, a successor to Solstice Partners.. Bluestone restaurant, however, will remain on the site. The major change from past schematics is the emphasis on mid-rise, high end apartments for the site. The developer proposes a total of 727 units, built in two phases. A basic site plan has been developed, but the developer will need to follow a Planned Unit Development process, which will require further plan details to be submitted. Former County Councilman Todd Huff chose not to allow a vote by the Council that would have allowed the project to move forward in the development process in November 2014. The owners of the property have indicated they want to undergo a Planned Unit Development on the property, but they are uncertain as to the proposed uses and layout for the property at this time. ( Northampton, Yorkshire/Haverford and Lutherville Community Assns.)

Timonium Fairgrounds: Local developer, Pinkard Properties, has proposed to install artificial turf playing fields on the infield of the race course. These playing fields would be leased to recreation leagues for soccer, football, lacrosse and field hockey activities, including games and practices. Pinkard Properties has not reached a lease agreement with the Maryland State Fairgrounds at this time, but Pinkard is testing the reaction of local communities to this proposal.

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Completed Issues

11311 McCormick Road: The owner has received a variance to construct signage larger than permitted under zoning regulations. In conjunction with the Sparks/Glencoe Association & People’s Counsel, GTCC opposed the variance. The County Board of Appeals, in its public deliberation, gave indication that the variance would be denied, but in its written decision, the Board of Appeals upheld the variance. The People’s Counsel has asked for a reconsideration of the ruling in light of the public deliberation comments. This case ultimately went to the Circuit Court, where the Judge ruled that the signage variance was not appropriate, and the tenant will have to remove certain signage on the building...(E. Rockel)

10 Aylesbury Road: A special hearing recently granted permission to open a commercial recreational facility in the space formerly occupied by LAX World. The operator informs that this facility will exclusively serve children age 13 & under, accompanied by an adult, for recreational activities and children’s parties. Look for the business to open later this summer. (E. Rockel)

Jessup Property: The County Landmarks Preservation Commission has approved placing the Jessup House on the landmarks list. The Baltimore County Council would have to also approve the inclusion. As of August, the developer’s attorney indicated his client was reviewing how this would impact the proposal. Regardless of the Landmark’s issue, the developer has not submitted a development plan for County review. Longford North was to hold a fundraiser in early November to help pay for its legal expenses. The developer has submitted a revised development plan in December. The Hearing Officer’s Hearing was held in April with Longford North, Pine Valley/Valleywood, Huntridge and GTCC offering comments on the plan. A consistent remark from all was that the number of units, 103, needed to be reduced. The hearing officer approved the 103 unit plan. The Longford North Community reached a compromise with the developer and has dropped any plan to appeal the development. Over the Summer of 2011 the developer started the rough grading and utility construction for the subdivision. (E.Rockel, Longford North)

Hampton Manor: This property is located on the east side of Scott Adam Road and is an existing multifamily residential development that will be adding more units. Concept Plan Conference scheduled for 11/6/2006 at 10:00 am in Room 123 County Office Building. Community Input Meeting will be scheduled thereafter. The community input meeting demonstrated several objections to the plan. The most common objection was a proposal to connect Southfork Road with the existing roads in the apartment complex. Residents on Southfork are concerned about additional “cut thru” traffic. A compromise may have been reached at the start of the Hearing Officer’s Hearing. Both sides will examine making the Southfork connection a gated entrance. At the Hearing Officer’s Hearing, Baltimore County agreed to allow Southfork Road to be a gated entrance. (E.Rockel)

302 North Avenue, Lutherville: The property owner was given a side yard variance in order to subdivide this parcel and construct a second house on a newly created second lot. The creation of the second lot will allow the owner to afford to rehabilitate the existing Victorian dwelling on the initial lot. (E. Rockel)

1928 Greenspring Drive: Plans to create a commercial recreational facility within the existing building to host birthday parties, corporate outings and other events. The recreational uses will include laser tag, cosmic miniature golf and other high tech gaming activities. (E. Rockel)

Padonia Swim Club: Grace Fellowship Church announced plans to purchase the 29 + acre site of the swim club. Many nearby residents have expressed concerns that the church plans to build a 2,500 seat sanctuary on the site. GTCC members have voted to disapprove the site for the church’s intended use. In November, the Church announced that it would not build on the site. (GTCC Executive Committee & Community Organizers )

1904 Pot Spring Road: The owner has appealed a prior Zoning Commissioner’s decision, with restrictions, to allow a professional office in the dwelling at this location. The adjoining community associations wish to minimize any nonresidential intrusion into the residential community. The owner ultimately dropped the appeal, and only residents of the property will be able to work in the home office.( E. Rockel, Valley Crest C.A., Dulaney Forest C.A. & Valley Garth CA)

Anderson Automotive: Dealership wishes to reconfigure its site layout by establishing the Honda dealership on the current GMC site and moving the GMC trade to the Hummer site. The site at the corner of York & Halesworth would be sold for another usage. At a Hearing on January 15th, Deputy Zoning Commissioner Thomas Bostwick approved the amendment of the previous PUD plan ( E.Rockel, J. Rogers & People’s Counsel)

1734 York Road ( Ridgely Plaza Shopping Center): Neighboring businesses report that Mercy Medical will occupy the vacant space previously used by Giant Foods. A zoning hearing was held on March 3, 2011 to allow Mercy Medical to increase the size of the building by approximately 3,000 sq. feet. As of April 30th, this medical facility is opened. (E. Rockel)

Potin Stil Restaurant Zoning Variance Appeal: Zoning Case 02-165-A, 2323 York Rd, Variances to Parking Regulations as to number required, island sizes, aisle space dimensions. Zoning Commissioner granted all variances. GTCC filed an appeal with the Board of Appeals. Appeals Board reversed the Zoning Commissioner's order by a 2-1 vote. Petitioner made request for Judicial Review to Baltimore County Circuit Court. GTCC and Peoples Counsel of BC filed in opposition to request. Circuit Court Judge agreed with the Board of Appeals decision reversing the variances granted. Director of Permits and Development and Code Enforcement has not exercised the Circuit Court's order of July 5, 2005. Request, if granted by the County, for any future meeting to be held, to participate in settlement of this case. Engineer for the owners has requested a refinement to the development plan to correct this violation. Lou Miller attended the DRC meeting, and Baltimore County did not approve the DRC request. The matter is rightfully considered a zoning violation and not a development refinement. Don Rascoe, Deputy Director of Permits & Development Management recently reported that the owner has corrected the parking violations and that the owner has now complied with the Board of Appeals order to correct the problem (E. Rockel, and GTCC Executive Committee)

Timonium Fairgrounds: Assistant General Manager Andy Cashman informed us that a multi-purpose maintenance building will be constructed on the north end of the Fairgrounds in the coming months. This maintenance building is one story, and it backs up to the Turf Inn Office building. Cashman also informed us that they plan to replace the existing “event” sign due to its functional obsolescence.

YorkRidge Shopping Center, York & Ridgely Roads: Owners of the property seek a variance from the parking requirements in order to add a free-standing pad site at the shopping center. The pad site associated with this variance is estimated to be two to three years away from any development. Additionally, long range plans call for re-development of the service station site at the corner of York and Ridgely. The variance hearing on the parking is scheduled for mid November. The owners received the parking variance, but no immediate plans are in store for building the pad site. ( E. Rockel)

Hunt Valley Crossing, 11119 McCormick Road: This existing Verizon-owned warehouse property is being proposed to be redeveloped as a 262 unit apartment complex under the Planned Unit Development guidelines. The project’s architectural design attractively fits into the Hunt Valley Business Community landscape. A community input meeting to learn about the project produced no objections to the project from nearby residential communities. However, nearby businesses did raise some objections. In response to the concerns expressed by nearby manufacturing businesses, Councilman Todd Huff has reached a compromise wherein the developers of the parcel will not proceed with an apartment use for the property.( GTCC Executive Committee)

York Road, Timonium Condo Project: Recently land owner A&A Global Industries notified GTCC that the condo project proposed by Keelty & Company will not proceed. A & A Global is examining other possible uses for the site, none of which at this time would include a high rise residential development. As of February 2012, the owner notified that he is attempting to lease the remaining building for commercial uses, and the first tenant will be a ceramic tile store. The owner reported that a restaurant has signed a lease for the pad site on the property, and construction on that restaurant is on going..( E. Rockel & GTCC Executive Committee)

Michael’s Café & Grill: The owners received zoning approval to enlarge the outdoor patio area on the southwest and south sides of the existing building. A stone- clad wall, approximately five foot high, will surround the patio seating area. ( E. Rockel & Yorkshire/Haverford C.A.)

Former Sterling Chemical Building, West Timonium Road: This property is now under the control of St. John Properties, who plan to convert the former warehouse into retail shops and a restaurant, consistent with its manufacturing zoning. St. John Properties recently underwent a zoning hearing in which they petitioned to seek relief from the parking requirements and to reduce the side yard setbacks. The Administrative Law Judge has ruled to allow the reductions to parking and the reductions to sideyard setbacks.. (E.Rockel)

Sonic Drive In: The abandoned fast food building at York and Belfast Roads is projected to become a Sonic Drive In. Before the conversion can take place, the owner needs to reapply for the use of commercial parking in a residential zone at the rear of the property. At the zoning hearing required before the redevelopment could move forward, the Administrative Law Judge denied the zoning relief requested by the Sonic operator. A hearing for reconsideration of that denial is scheduled for April 8, 2013. At the reconsideration hearing, the Judge approved the zoning relief after the dumpster and drive thru line were relocated solely on the commercially zoned part of the property. Nearby residents on Belfast Road have appealed of the ruling to the Board of Appeals, but they were unsuccessful. The site has since been rebuilt and the Sonic has experienced early success. (GTCC and Yorkshire/Haverford C.A.)

Verizon Wireless Cell Tower: The Board of Directors of the Dulaney Swim Club have decided not to engage in a lease for a cell tower on East Ridgely Road. All adjacent community associations were against the cell tower at that location. Everyone involved is particularly appreciative of the efforts put forth by Lavina Velasco and Casey O’Brien. (GTCC)

Comprehensive Zoning Map Process, 2012: Go to the GTCC website for a full list of properties requesting to be rezoned. As of the end of the open filing period, there was one more property requesting to be rezoned compared with a similar point in 2008. The County Council vote occurred too late to be included in this newsletter. Check back at the GTCC website to see the outcomes

23 West Aylesbury Road: The owner of the former American Lubrication Equipment building, just south of the Shoprite food store, has requested a special hearing to allow for. the property to be used as an indoor trampoline park. This type of use is permitted in the property’s current zoning designation, pending approval thru the special hearing. The owner received the special hearing approval.

New PAL Center/Community Center: Baltimore County government, in conjunction with the Baltimore County Public Schools, proposes to construct a new center, containing over 14,000 square feet, on the grounds of the Padonia International Elementary School. The building will contain meeting rooms, a gym/auditorium and other facilities. As a multi-purpose facility, the gym/auditorium will be used by the elementary school as well as the community during non-school hours. Construction has been completed and grand opening ceremonies taken place.

Pot Spring Road, South of Old Bosley Road: This ten acre parcel was originally proposed to contain four, 4-story condominium buildings housing a total of 64 units. The adjacent community objected to this planned unit development, and Councilman Huff refused to move the project forward as a PUD. A new developer submitted plans to build 13 single family dwellings for the site. On May 6, 2013 the Administrative Law Judge approved the single family plan, featuring homes that will cost in the $600,000 range . ( E.Rockel, Dulaney Gate HOA, Springlake HOA, Timberline Park HOA )

WaWa Convenience Store, York Road at Halesworth: This site, formerly part of the Anderson Automotive PUD, was the subject of a hearing to amend the previously approved planned unit development. The Monterey Community Association and GTCC supported this amendment, however, several other nearby owners opposed the plan. The hearing has been continued to provide for more testimony. The Administrative Law Judge approved this use for a convenience store, but opponents have taken this case to the Board of Appeals. The Board of Appeals has ruled in favor of the plan, and the appellants have taken the case to the Court of Special Appeals. The Court of Special Appeals has ruled in favor of Anderson Automotive, which allowed the project to move forward . It is currently operational ( GTCC and Monterey C.A.)

2312 York Road, Enterprise Rental Used Cars: The existing used car lot will be converted to a used car lot run by Enterprise car rentals. The layout of the site will generally stay the same, but a new building and new signage will be constructed.

Timonium Fairgrounds: Both the GTCC and adjoining neighborhood associations hope that the next Councilman will rectify the rezoning error in which 60 acres of this property were zoned for commercial usage during the Comprehensive Rezoning Process of 2008. During the open filing period for the 2012 CZMP, the GTCC requested that these 60 acres be returned to the prior zoning, MR-IM. Councilman Huff submitted legislation that creates a Mercantile Overlay District that will limit video gaming at the Fairgrounds, but he does not plan to change the zoning as requested by the GTCC.

Spencer’s Crossing, West Timonium Road: This housing development, just west of the I-83 interchange, had originally been proposed to be a large day care center. Through negotiations with the developer and an offer to support increased housing density on the site, a residential housing development became approved in lieu of the day care facility. One unit was completed, as well as a model home, and several units are partially completed. Recently, it was learned that the property has gone up for foreclosure, and a public auction took place on March 9. The lender failed to sell the property at auction. As of October, 2012, the developer plans to add a noise wall to mitigate the sounds of I-83.( E. Rockel and PVVW Community Assoc.)

Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens: Plans have been presented to build a pet crematorium, which is an accessory to the existing pet cemetery. An Administrative Law Judge approved this accessory use, and the owners can move forward. (Springlake C.A.)

Timonium Fairgrounds: In conjunction with the Maryland Jockey Club, the Fairgrounds has started satellite simulcasting in the Grandstand on the property. GTCC has entered into agreements with the Jockey Club and Fairgrounds concerning future activities on the property. The agreement with the Fairgrounds prohibits it from pursuing a casino operation on the site in the future. The agreement with the Jockey Club places restrictions on the hours of operation, the future expansion of the OTB facility, the pursuit of a casino operation and other matters. (GTCC & Stratford C.A.)

Giant Food Store: Previously the Giant Food Store, across from the Fairgrounds, had proposed to add gasoline service as part of their operation, but an actual development plan had not been submitted. A recent conversation with a representative from Giant Foods indicates the company will not move forward with the gasoline service plan. Recently, an attorney for the shopping center indicated that a new pad site would be developed near the entrance at York Road, in the parking lot area. A Starbucks is one of the projected tenants for this pad site.

2223 York Road: A proposal to demolish the existing Blair & Sons building and replace it with a AAA Car Care Center have been submitted to Baltimore County Government. The County’s Administrative Law Judge has approved the proposal, and construction is finished on the new use.

Royal Farm Store, 5 East Timonium Road: The owners of the property at the corner of Hammen Avenue and Timonium Road have requested to create a parking lot to serve the Royal Farm Store. This corner lot is zoned for residential use, but Baltimore County Zoning Regulations allow for commercial parking facilities on a residential lot adjacent to a commercial operation, if approved by a Hearing Officer’s Hearing that finds the health, safety and general welfare will not be harmed. The Board of the Yorkshire/Haverford Community Association was initially opposed to this proposal, but the owner of the property has made several accommodations to the community regarding fencing, lighting and landscaping. The hearing took place on March 28, and the ruling incorporated matters concerning fencing and buffering that the community association wanted.

Grace Fellowship Church: They propose to construct a 1200 seat sanctuary on an unimproved parcel located on West Seminary Avenue, near Falls Road. A community input meeting is scheduled for September 19 at 7:00 PM at Sheppard Pratt’s convention center, 6001 North Charles Street. The CIM demonstrated strong community opposition to the project, and the church has one year in which to provide additional information, including a traffic study, in order to move the project on to a Hearing Officer’s Hearing, which would rule on the acceptability of the proposal. Ultimately, the church decided to look elsewhere for a new location and there are no further plans to build on this site.

Child Care Facility, Meadowvale Road: The owner of this property requested a special hearing to allow a 12-child facility on this residentially improved road in the Dulaney Valley Improvement Association territory. In excess of ten residents from Meadowvale Road turned out to oppose this use, as well as representatives from DVIA and the GTCC. Ultimately the Administrative Law Judge ruled against the child care use at this location, which was consistent with past GTCC opposition to other child care facilities on East and West Timonium Road in residential areas.

Hunt Valley Center: Greenberg/Gibbons, owners of the town center, have proposed a 332 unit residential development near the site of the former Walmart. In May the owners submitted a variance request to the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability related to forest conservation requirements for the site Additionally the owners announced that they will partner with Avalon Bay, an Arlington, Va. Developer, to build the residential units, which are complete. (GTCC)

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